Finals Week Stress


Nathan DeLaria, Contributing Writer

Stress can come in many forms from the physical to the mental but today I’d like to focus on the physical forms that stress can take in the body. Physical signs of stress are often the warning signal we need in order to understand the stress that we face on a day-to-day basis. There are many reasons why someone could be stressed out; it could be home life, struggling with classes, money problems, or relationship issues. But the physical signs will always be the same. Difficulty breathing, blurred eyesight, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, chest pains, high blood pressure, Indigestion or heartburn, dizziness, sudden weight change, and many more. When we see these symptoms some might be tempted to put them off as unimportant because they seem so harmless at the moment. These symptoms individually are nothing to be afraid of but all together can add onto the stress that one might already feel. If stress starts to affect you physically it has already been affecting you mentally for a long time, and we need to use the warning of physical symptoms to deal with our mental issues. Personally I find that dealing with stress is not as easy as just meditating or deciding to take a load off for a couple days. The best way I’ve found to deal with stress is to look at your situation through the lens of your whole life. Sure this exam might mean a lot to you right now and probably affect your future quite a lot but is it as big of a deal as your body and mind make it out to be? In most cases for me it is not but I do not know what all of you are dealing with out there. I hope that this article helps at least one person realize the stress they put onto themselves is unwarranted.