The Campus Eye

2021-2022 Staff

Graphic Designer

Cassie Tope

Hi everyone! My name is Cassie and I am the Campus Eye photographer. I am also beginning to work more on the design side of the website. While I have written for the Campus Eye before my skills and work are mainly in the graphic...


Ashlyn Awada

Hi everyone. My name is Ashlyn Awada. I am an honorary writer for the Campus Eye, because of my schedule I can’t attend the meetings. I still love to write for the Campus Eye so I do so when I have some spare time.  ...

Podcast Co-Host

Joshua Bishop

Hi everyone, my name is Josh Bishop. I am a co-host of The Campus Ear, the school’s news podcast. I am on the Elementary Education Transfer Path. My fun fact is that I use to want to be a voice actor and can mimic voices like...


Tatiana Avila

Hi everyone! My name is Tati Avila and I am going for my associate arts degree. I’m an investigative reporter at The Campus Eye. My fun facts are I love crocheting, reading, and movie night.

Podcast Editor

Jake Eik

Hi everyone. My name is Jake Eik and I am the editor of the podcast, The Campus Ear. I am going for my comp science degree. Over the last year, I have been binging Big Men in Masks. I like playing games through all mediums.  ...


Sabrina Lor

Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina Lor. I am a Mass Communications major. This is my second semester with The Campus Eye. I'm involved with writing reviews. I like pickles and collecting old books. I have a collection of reade...

Kodie Maki

Hi everyone. My name is Kodie Maki. My major is Mass Communication. I have been in the Campus Eye for 3 semesters now. I am involved in interviewing, reporting, writing articles, and working on the podcast. Some fun facts about...

Sara Ruiz Gonzalez
Social Media Coordinator

Sara Ruiz Gonzalez

  Hi Everyone. My name is Sara Ruiz Gonzalez I will be obtaining an Associate of Arts and a Mass Communication Transfer Pathway degree at the end of this semester, and I will transfer to a 4-year university to major in...

Dr. Keith Bistodeau (Advisor)

Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Keith Bistodeau (Dr. B) and I took over as the advisor for The Campus Eye in the spring of 2022. I have been teaching at Anoka Ramsey Community College since the spring of 2018. I have also worked a...

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