Review: Puss and Boots – The Last Wish


Ellie Anderson, Contributing Writer

“Puss in Boots The Last Wish” is a story of adventure, determination, and friendship. It takes place after the first movie but is easy to pick up on without watching the first. The film is exceedingly entertaining and accustomed to people of all ages. While it has deep meanings for older audiences to reflect on, it also engages younger members with its humor. Generally, this movie was a huge hit and success. All characters have a place and are unique in their own spunky way. The graphics, voice acting, and plot were astounding. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its course, and I would absolutely recommend it for all ages to enjoy.


The story begins with the glorification of the hero and main character: Puss in Boots. Everyone sees him as a strong, brave, easy-going, and genuinely likable guy. His motto throughout the movie is “Puss in Boots laughs in the face of death.” That is until he is crushed to death ending his life abruptly. Now he’s forced to face the reality of a death he’s ignored his entire life. A doctor promptly informs Puss in Boots that he has reached the end of his eighth life and only has one left to live. No one lives forever, but the brave hero doesn’t have second thoughts as he typically has no fear. Immediately he faces a villain whose power surpasses any strength he can. As he loses the battle, he begins to realize how short and fragile life is. With no other option, he flees in terror and shame for the only life he has left. The once brave hero now gave up his lifestyle to live a less risky life. He sheltered in “Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue” with a spunky cat lady who cares for him, other cats, and a dog who befriends him.


After what feels like forever, the fearless feline overheard a word about a Wishing Star. Completely disregarding the value of his one life left, he desperately runs away to find this “Wishing Star” and bring back the life he used to have.Throughout the adventure, Puss in Boots encounters trials of his past, new and old friends, and competition for the Wishing Star. The movie is action-packed and filled with exceptionally humorous characters. It hilariously incorporates other fairy tale characters to bring excitement and new stories to the plot. The journey develops Puss in Boots’ view on life and relationships with his friends. The message is powerful, engaging, and relatable. Just like Puss inBoots, we as humans only have one life. Every individual has the choice to either live a life of fear or embrace and appreciate those in front of them.