Kingdoms and Castles Review


Nathan DeLaria, Contributing Writer

Kingdoms and Castles is a game made by Lion Shield studios, a small individual company. You start out the game with just a castle and your job is simply to grow your kingdom and protect it from threats. These threats can range from dragons to vikings to other enemy kingdoms for you to fight. All of these are very interesting and rewarding challenges to have during your kingdom’s growth. It can be grown in many ways, from resource collection, bathhouses, firedepartments, and housing. To castle walls, libraries, tax collectors, and fishing huts. The game’s graphics are very cute and simple; this shifts the focus onto how the game looks. The most interesting part of the graphics to me is the individual people that roam around the cities or do the tasks you assign to them. You can monitor the lives of these people and how you govern them. By simply clicking on them you can see how happy they are and why or how long they have worked at their jobs.

I have personally played only 20  hours of this Kingdoms and Castles but in those 20 hours that I have played I found that every single second of it was fun. This game has a lot of replayability in the way that it randomizes the maps and disasters every time that it is played. I believe that it is also difficult to master but easy to learn. The gameplay is very straightforward in the beginning but as you continue it ends up being increasingly complicated to manage everyone in the city let alone defend it from outside attackers. Positives of this game go on and on; it’s relaxing, cheap(only $15 with frequent sales), interesting, and very fun. The only negatives of this game are it is a little slow paced and relaxed compared to other popular games like overwatch 2 or call of duty but it is perfect for relaxing after a long day of work or school.