Black Adam Movie Review


Lukas Hutchens, Contributing Writer

DC has been in a rough spot at times. Some of it stemming from the moustache that ended Justice League. But they have largely been picking themselves back up as of late. Movies like Joker and The Batman have been highly successful and loved. Once they stopped trying to copy Marvel, they began to find their stride again. But they wanted to get back into the connected universe thing. Time to see if their newest attempt, Black Adam, holds up as well as their standalone movies. 

First things first, the production issues. I do not know exactly why, but this movie took forever to come out. It has been in development since 2008! Marvel made an entire universe in the time it took for this movie to be finished! But something made them finally get the ball rolling, and it rolled hard. 

The story itself is not anything to write home about. The opening narration, fun, sets up a fairly standard superhero movie. But Black Adam makes sure that people do not mistake him for a hero. And he does this by saying that exact line every three or so scenes he is in. And if he does not say it, everyone else around him will. The dialogue is not really the best. It is not as bad as say The Room, but still not great. 

Where this movie absolutely shines, is the action. The action goes hard in this one! The second he shows up in the movie, he makes sure no one thinks he is messing around. It also has one of the best slow-motion scenes in a movie I have seen. When I hear great slow-motion scenes, I think back to the X-Men movies. This one is right up there. With the “Paint it Black” blasting the whole time, Black Adam slowly makes up his own little symphony of destruction. And it is glorious. 

Another highlight is the Justice Society. While Atom Smasher and Cyclone were alright, Hawkman and Dr. Fate were some of the best parts of the movie. They somehow turned B-level heroes at best to some of the best ones. And their fight with Black Adam is great too. 

The cherry on top of it all? Well, normally I would not say, but since the post-credits scene flooded the internet before the movie even came out, I might as well talk about. Right at the very end, Superman shows up, and Henry Cavill even came back! He was great as Supes! I mean, he was not put in the best movies, but that just happens sometimes. 

While the rough dialogue and somewhat predictable plot may be boring for some people, the fight scenes might just fix that. It is just like many action movies. Dry plot, but awesome everything else. Even if some of it is so stupid it is funny. And sometimes, that is just the right kind of movie. No high stakes, or dramatic moments or big mysteries, just a cathartic and fun movie. That still will not stop people from dissecting it frame by frame though. Nothing can stop them.