A24 Dominates the 2022 Film Game


Kenzie Herrick, Contributing Writer

A24 stands today with a net worth of over $2.5 billion thanks to directors such as Ari Aster who made Hereditary, Jonah Hill who wrote Mid90s, Bo Burnham who directed Eight Grade, and many more. This year, the independent film company continues its trailblazing.  

X (March 18) (R) 

“I will not accept a life I do not deserve!”- Maxine in X played by Mia Goth.  

Directed by Ti West, X combines the classic elements of an 80s-slasher with sophisticated drama. Set in 1979, this film follows a group of six filmmakers who find themselves at the mercy of an elderly couple’s farmhouse…which also happens to be the set for their adult film. West builds phenomenal tension within a plot that contains themes of religious trauma, embracing sexuality, and wasted potential. This talented cast features Mia Goth (Maxine), Jenna Ortega (Lorraine), Brittany Snow (Bobby-Lynne), Martin Henderson (Wayne), Owen Campbell (RJ), and Kid Cudi (Jackson). X remains a film that viewers can enjoy as a fun slasher- or as a deeply relatable psychological thriller following the downfall of the old, who were once the youth they despise.  

Everything Everywhere All at Once (July 29) (R) 

This film directed by the “Daniel Directors” (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), might be the A24 fan favorite of 2022. Lead actress, Michelle Yeoh, plays the rigid overworked mother – Evelyn Wang. In the movie, Evelyn is married to the sweet Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan), and is nearing a divorce settlement as she crumbles under a failing laundry mat business and her personal relationships- especially with her daughter, Joy (Stephanie Hsu). However, after a metaphysical rip in time throws Evelyn on the frontlines of an interdimensional war, she is taken on a journey of what could have been as she unravels generational trauma and hotdog fingers- discovering what it truly means to be content with the mundane.  

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (July 15) (PG) 

“Guess what I do for adventure. I hang glide on a Dorito”- Marcel in Marcel the Shell with Shoes On voiced by Jenny Slate.  

While A24 is known for its shell-shocking and mature media, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On challenges that label. This heart-warming film comes in at a PG rating and a 90-minute run time. Utilizing crisp stop-motion and a mockumentary format; director Dean Fleisher-Camp brings viewers a beautiful story about finding home. Marcel, who is voiced by the talented Jenny Slate, discovers alongside the filmmaker that he’s been left behind alongside his shell grandmother (“Nanna Connie” voiced by Isabella Rossellini) in an Airbnb. What follows is a documentary about Marcel’s life as a tiny shell with one big googly eye- in hopes of reaching his lost family. This film screams about the human condition of vulnerability, but in the gentlest way possible.  

Bodies Bodies Bodies (August 5) (R) 

The best way to describe Bodies Bodies Bodies is a murder mystery meets Gen Z rager. After a group of friends meet up for a party in a remote mansion, a hurricane strikes. With all the party members now held up, they decide to play “Bodies Bodies Bodies”. It’s all fun and games until the group discovers a very real body during the pretend game. Friends become foe, and bonds are tested as true motives are exposed. With a cast of Pete Davidson (David), Amandla Stenberg (Sophie), Maria Bakalova (Bee), and Lee Pace (Greg), many can already anticipate the absurdity in store. For a break from life’s realness, Bodies Bodies Bodies is guaranteed to bring hearty laughs and TikTok madness to the screens.  

While these films are making their way out of theaters, they are all still available for rent on streaming platforms.