It: Classic vs. Modern Remake


Lukas Hutchens, Contributing Writer

Tis the season to- wait wrong holiday. It is almost Halloween, which means it is time to get spooky. This time I decided to do something a bit different. I am not just reviewing one movie, I am reviewing two! I wanted to see which was the better horror movie to watch this year, the original It miniseries, or the 2017 remake. 

Firstly, is the original. It holds up fairly well actually. Most of the effects look good and the plot is good too. But there are times when it is obvious this was still an older movie. Like when Pennywise shows sharp teeth, and they look really fake. Probably does not help that also hisses, for some reason. Also, some of the dialogue is a bit corny. I have never heard anyone say, “scared me green,” until then. 

There is also how the plot is structured. It starts off with all the main characters as adults, and keeps flashing back to when they were kids. This can make things a bit all over the place. One minute everyone’s calling each other to get together, then suddenly they are all together as kids. But, once the first half ends, then it is mostly smooth sailing, since there are no more sudden cuts between years. 

The remake does away with all of this. It starts and ends with the main cast as kids. There are no flash forwards or anything. Just one normal plot without and cutting. This makes everything flow much better and helps show how Pennywise was affecting everyone before they confront him. 

Also, while it does obviously help that it is a newer movie, the effects look way better. The book all of this was based on, and many other Stephen King books, have some wild ideas. Ideas that more modern effects can capture much better. Like the teeth. Now they look like actual teeth! And he does not hiss like a cat that just touched water anymore! And there were some genuinely unsettling moments in this one. I can never look at red balloons the same way again. 

At the end of the day though, which is better is up to preferences. The original, while cheesy in some aspects, has the whole story. It shows the Losers club start the story and finish it, while the remake only covers half of it. But, the remake is way scarier than the original one. It is a quality vs. quantity situation. Although, I would personally go with the remake. The creepier aspects work much better for a scary movie. I mean, who really watches horror movies for the plot?