Cleveland Entrepreneur Paves the Way for Young Adults Looking to Achieve Financial Independence

Cleveland Entrepreneur Paves the Way for Young Adults Looking to Achieve Financial Independence

Zach Stambaugh, Contributing Writer

22-year-old Dontez Akram is one of social media’s latest rising stars. The Cleveland native is a young entrepreneur who shares photos of his lavish lifestyle to his Instagram account. While this may make him seem like your typical social media influencer, there is something about Akram that sets him apart from the rest. Unlike others on the app, Akram uses his platform to educate followers on how to reach his level of financial independence so that they too can live like him one day. He has proved himself to be quite successful, as he has already amassed a following of nearly 170,000 in just a little bit over a year.

While Akram may seem like he has everything figured out, he likes to remind his followers that there was once a point in his life where he struggled to make ends meet. At just 18 years old, he gave birth to his daughter. This led to him getting kicked out of his mother’s house and having to fend for himself at a young age. Akram was able to stay with his girlfriend and her family for some time and land a job as a cable salesman. Not too long after though, he went through a rough breakup with his girlfriend, which led to him crashing on his friend’s couch for some time.

With his daughter now in his life, Akram knew he needed to take action so that he could give her the life that he felt she deserved. This is when the idea for his first business “SnagARag” came to him. After work, Akram would drive around Cleveland selling durags out of the trunk of his car. What started off as a small side hustle turned into a $50,000 business in less than 10 months.

From there, Akram was able to use his money to reinvest in SnagARag and build it into a six-figure business. He then created his Instagram account so that he could showcase his journey. As his Instagram following grew, Akram was able to monetize his account. With money coming in from his business and his social media following, Akram was able to redistribute his wealth into several different areas. He began creating informational courses on how to grow a business, investing in the stock market, renting his vehicles out through an app known as “Toro,” and betting on sports.

Akram’s multiple streams of income have allowed him to become a seven-figure businessman at the young age of 22. He is now able to fully support his daughter, and he has even started a custodial investment account for her so that she can be financially independent by the time she reaches his age.

Be sure to check out Akram’s Instagram account @_therealtez next time you do your daily scroll. You might discover that it is everything you are looking for to help you achieve your dreams.