Eagles Fans Destroy City proclaiming it was for Police Brutality

Fans of a football teams destroys city for all the wrong reasons

By Oliver Stewart (Cody Ellingson), Contributing Writer  

Eagles fans were out on the streets on Saturday evening, with violent protests against police brutality. “This is the craziest thing I have seen in Philly, our sports teams never win and it’s always quiet,” A nearby onlooker said.

Eagles Fan sitting on a garbage truck. Image Credit: WKTB

Eagles were the underdog all season losing their teams 25 year old QB Carson Wentz to police brutality. Wentz was having a break out year and in consideration for the MVP award. It was an unfortunate outcome for the team, but they ended up winning the Super Bowl by sneaking past the New England Patriots.

Police brutality has been a focus to many cities, and protests have gotten out of control.

“These violent protests are nonsense; these people are causing thousands of dollars in damages to a city they live in,” Philadelphia Sheriff Tomczik said. Philadelphia was calm only hours before the Eagles Super Bowl win. Philadelphia isn’t known as the place to riot.

“We need to stand up to cops and show them that Eagles fans don’t back down even if we are the underdogs,” Lifelong Eagles fan Tony Thomas said. With Philadelphia finally winning something they have hope for the future to improve relations with police. Eagles has never won a super bowl and now that they got their first it is going to help out the issue of police brutality by putting cops in better moods.

Philadelphia before Eagles fans riot. Image Credit: Reed Smith