ARCC Courtyard to get $4,000,000 renovation


Court yard gets a make over on Monday

Courtyard to get $4,000,000 renovation. 

The surprise move causes confusion. 

By Gerard Josephson. (Joe Gerard), Staff Writer 


Court yard gets a make over

Starting Feb. 4, the college will begin renovating the courtyard in the middle of campus. The often forgotten space will have $4,000,000 invested into it, with the goal of transforming it into an area that students want to visit. 

The renovations known at the time of writing will include an animatronic Anoka-Ramsey history display. It will also include an aquarium that houses various types of tropical fish, and an ice cream stand. 

As word of the renovations spread, we wanted to learn more. So, we contacted the president of Anoka-Ramsey, Kent Hanson.  

“We want to increase school spirit and appreciation for all that Anoka-Ramsey has to offer.” Hanson said. According to Hanson, the renovation was made possible by an anonymous donor.  

Others weren’t so enthused. 

 “I can’t teach when all of these dumb students are socializing.” said assistant yoga instructor Kevin Daniels. “This is too much for me to handle.” Daniels added. 

We reached out to a student to hear their opinion. 

 “I have no idea what you’re referring to. I wasn’t aware that such a place existed on campus.” said first year student Jane Williamson.  

Facilities, the department that is in charge of construction and renovation, was hesitant to carry out the changes. However, they are working fast to complete them in time for an opening date of fall, 2018. 

“When the leadership of the college told us we should renovate this space, we were confused.” said facilities director Rodger Henderson. “But our team can do it.” Henderson added. 

The Campus Eye will continue to report on this developing story. 


Ideas of what the Ice Cream parlor may look like.