Anoka Ramsey Students Feeding into Avocado Toast Consumerism 



 Anoka Ramsey Students Feeding into Avocado Toast Consumerism 

Students start a rally in the cafeteria due to avocado toast running out in 5 minutes.

By: Chloe Vanderbilt (aka Molli Reeder)

Avocado toast has been all the rage in the past year and a half, causing the avocado sales to skyrocket as the demand for them gets out of control. Early Monday morning the Riverside Cafe ran out of its scrumptious green toast within the first 5 minutes of it opening.

Valerie Finch, an avocado toast enthusiast was next in line and the sign “sold out” was placed over the avocado toast sign. She began to rally up the other students in line and caused an outbreak. The hangry students were outraged, napkins were tossed in the air, forks in the hands of the students. “It was absolute madness” said Rose Chambers, one of the cafe’s lunch ladies.

“I just can’t go a morning without my avo-toast, it’s the best thing next to coffee. I couldn’t believe they sold out within the first 5 minutes of the cafe opening. It’s just so upsetting, really.” said Finch.

After a few security guards got the students to settle down, George Sanders, the head security guard was able to say a few words. “Who knew that these students would go that crazy over some bread and this avocado spread?!”

As the janitors started to clean up the napkin and silverware debris, there plastered up against the brick was an avocado toast poster, with Finch’s smile full of avocado toast. She’s obsessed, the other students are just as crazed, let’s just say the love for this breakfast food is far from being over. Like Finch would say, never go a morning without your avocado toast.

Byline: Looks like the people just want more greens for breakfast. Who knew?!

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