Distance Learning Takes A New Approach

Distance Learning Takes A New Approach

Distance Learning Takes A New Approach 

Mind Reading Class Becomes Reality  By Leah Hallberg (Chris Moksnes),Staff Writer

Beginning Mind Reading will be offered in the Fall of 2018 as part of the Integrative Health and Healing Program. Professors at Anoka Ramsey Community College have been secretly testing mind reading methods for the past few months. They have been thinking about adding a class that will allow students to enhance their skills in energy healing.  

Valerie Lis, Head of the IHH Department, said, “I was watching TV and saw this guy, Colin, perform and it just came to me. We need to teach this class.”  

Curriculum is based on the method developed by Colin McCloud, known as the Human Lie Detector. McCloud began his career with his radio call-in program, “Call in the Cloud,” where he read the minds of callers. McCloud was made famous through his performance on America’s Got Talent.  

The course was piloted at Superior Technical Institute in Wisconsin. Feedback from the students was positive.  

Sherry Pfaffendorf, STI student, said “I can take any class I want now and use mind reading. I never have to pay for a class again.” She said one bonus is that it’s great for dating and employment. 

The class is structured to begin with 3 on-campus classes, followed by 6 to 8 distance learning classes, depending on the strength of the student’s connection.  

Professor Carolyn Hale stated “Assignments and grades are given through mind reading. Teaching this class is going to reduce my amount of work to a minimum, while my pay rate stays the same. It’s a win-win!”