Anoka Ramsey Does the Time Warp Again


Cast List Announced For ARCC Production of The Rocky Horror Show

By: Max Brown

Staff Writer

The cast list for the Anoka Ramsey production of The Rocky Horror Show was announced Monday. The cast is as follows:

Main Cast:

* Brad – Chison Owhonda

* Janet – Courtney VonVett

* Narrator – Richard Ondigi

* Riff Raff – Trenton Wyman

* Magenta – Sarah Miller

* Columbia – Jaime Costello

* Rocky – Robert Bower

* Dr. Frank N. Furter – Brandon Osero

Art referencing the original Rocky Horror Picture Show, it is Tim Curry. Photo taken by Max Brown.

* Eddie – Samuel Fish

* Dr. Scott – Jack Fish


* Kallie Jo Ascheman

* Cody Johnson

* Jeremy Pettis

* Lance Rohloff

* Grace Rondeau

* Rob Simonson

* Lexie Ward

* Bridget Welsch

“Expect (the) cult classic with its original jokes and fun, along with a good mix of creative ideas unique to the Anoka Ramsey production,” chorus member Lexie Ward said. Performances will be on February 10, 11, and 16-18, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.

The original musical premiered in 1973. The story is a parody of science fiction and horror movie tropes from the 1940’s-70’s. One dark and stormy night, a squeaky-clean newly engaged couple, Bard Majors and Janet Weiss, are travelling to visit an old friend when they get a flat tire. The couple seeks help from a nearby castle, which is owned by an alien transvestite named Dr. Frank N. Furter, his servants, Riff Raff and Magenta, and a groupie named Columbia. The arrival of Columbia’s old lover, Eddie, and the truth behind Furter’s “creation” sets off a bizarre chain of events for the young couple, who just needed to use the phone.

The film adaption, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” was released in 1975.  The film initially did poorly but became a cult classic. Since then, fans attend midnight screenings dressed as their favorite characters, and will interact with the movie, singing along, reciting lines, and throwing objects such as toast at the screen (the latter practice has fallen out of favor somewhat due to damaged theater screens).