Stardew Valley Review


Ellie Anderson, Contributing Writer

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation role-playing game created by Eric Barone. It’s recommended for all players aged ten and above. Stardew Valley is available on a wide range of gaming consoles and platforms. I bought the game on Steam for only fifteen dollars. Stardew Valley is super engaging for players, as you can connect with the NPCs and even invite friends of your own. Yes, the game is multiplayer so you can invite up to four friends to your farm. The bad news is Stardew Valley is not a cross-platform game. Its graphics target a unique retro feeling within the players. All NPCs have a story of their own that interact and engage with the player. This game is unique in its own way, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in adventure, simulations, and role-playing games.

The game begins with the player’s character in desperate need of change and a new life. They leave the boring old life of working in an office and start something new at a remote farm inherited from their grandpa. The player can begin. Two main routes include restoring an abandoned Community Center for all the townspeople or the route that indulges in the work of a large company called Jojo Mart. The Community Center builds friendships with the townspeople and is completed by collecting items from across the world. Jojo Mart is a large-scale company that most of the NPC’s dislike. To aid Jojo Mart, the player must fork up payments to fund their wants. When one route is completed, more of the world opens up to accessibility to faster travel, more diverse minerals and mining experiences, better farming locations, and areas and shops to explore.

One of the features I love the most about this game is that it allows the player to choose what they want to do. You can choose who to befriend, what to design, and how to play through it. The player can interact with the NPCs, upgrade, and customize their farm, start a family, fulfill quests, and interact with several other features. You can also enjoy the game by doing tasks including farming, fishing, mining, combat, or foraging. Farming has a wide variety of crops, animals, and tasks. Crops include anything from watermelon, to corn, to even rare ancient fruit. Different fish appear depending on the weather, seasons, and location. If the player is up for it, they can even attempt to catch legendary fish. Mines can have upgrades to create more valuable resources and tougher monsters. If the player loves combat, they can spend their time upgrading their tools and amour to fight monsters in the mines. Really, the player can choose to do whatever they want to do on their farm. The choice is yours!