Black History Month


Amal Jama, Contributing Writer

As we come to the end of Black History Month, everyone should consider remembering African- American history and acknowledging the significant people who contributed highly to the abundant history. Even more, to dive deep and discover new names that were important in history. It’s important to learn the stories of impactful individuals so we can appreciate and recognize all the positive contributions they made in our society and simply build our knowledge on history as well. Here are a few activists you probably haven’t heard about, but you should know. 

Annie Lee Cooper 

Annie was a civil rights activist who grew up in Alabama during the 20th century where Black People and women were still not allowed to vote. Annie has devoted herself to rallying peacefully to bring about change. One of the notable parts of Annie’s story in the civil rights movement was her bravery. Annie was a courageous woman who marched for voting rights. Annie should be remembered for her restless efforts for the marches and also her bravery during those difficult times. 

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois or W.E.B. Du Bois 

William was a very intelligent and well-educated man. He was even the first African American with a PhD from Harvard University. He was also a prominent leader in many civil rights movements. Du Bois was remarkably known for his pursuit to create equality for black peoples educational and economic opportunities. Also, He was a remarkable author who’s written much about life and social issues in African American History. One of his exceptional works was “The Souls of Black Folk”. 

Claudia Jones 

Claudia Jones was a Black immigrant activist , feminist,  and journalist who mainly voiced the concerns on Black Women. Claudia should notably be recognized for her brave publications that brought attention to the concerns of Black women. Her most famous and renowned writing  “An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman” 

All of these Individuals played different and very important roles in their activism. Annie Lee Cooper showed her bravery and mainly focused on voting rights. Du Bois, has also centered around voting rights. However, he also brought clear attention to economic and educational disparity between Black and White people. Lastly, Claudia firmly voiced the issues and concerns on Black Women. All of the efforts of these people have greatly impacted the development of our society. They’re stories are very inspirational and admirable. I would recommend reading more about their biographies because they were all incredible people.