Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Review

Lukas Hutchens, Contributing Writer

This was an interesting one to write. Normally with these reviews I like to make jokes about the weaker aspects of the movie. This one did not have many aspects I could joke about. This was just a great movie. There was not a lot to complain about here. But/ I am still writing this so here we go. Time to see if Wakanda Forever holds up.

I will not give too many spoilers since the movie is still pretty new, but the plot in this is great. It introduces Namor in a great way, and they made him a decent villain. Not as good as Killmonger in the first movie, but still pretty good. They give him legitimate motivation and make him an imposing force. The little ankle wings are not helping him though.

Ok a couple of spoilers here. Firstly, I really liked how they gave Killmoger his own cameo in this. It was completely unexpected and came out of right field. But at the same time, it worked with the story. It was not a cameo for the sake of fanservice. It was a cameo that was baked in with the plot quite well.

And the great, but predictable, twist of Shuri becoming the new Black Panther was great too. It was handled really well and gave Shuri some great character development. Also, I just really like the suit. Something about gold on black just looks nice to me.

There are still a couple of issues though. Namor attacks Wakanda, and has a massive advantage, then just leaves. For a week or so. Also, they decide to fight Namor and his people on a boat. In the ocean, where they are at their strongest. And at one point during the fight, Namor implies Shuri and she just kinda…walks it off? Ok that’s enough of the spoilers.

Overall, it was a fantastic movie. The characters were great, the villain was great, and it honored Chadwick Bowman perfectly. This is one of the best movies Marvel has ever released. Plus, it’s way better than Thor 2.