Morbius Review


Morbius Movie Poster

Lukas Hutchens, Contributing Writer

Ok, how do I start this one? So, back in 2020 Sony released a trailer for a new movie they were working on. It was a part of their Spider-Man movie series that had no Spider-Man. Its name was Morbius. Oh what a ride it was.

Starting off, the movie was delayed for two years. Once it came out, it certainly did come out. For once, critics and audiences agreed, it was terrible. But the internet made so many memes off of it, that Sony decided to rerelease the movie in theaters. Once again, it flopped. Not many movies can say that.

But enough about the stories about this movie, how does it hold up? Well…exactly as the stories said. It is not a good movie. It is not even like The Room where it is so bad that it is considered a classic. It is bad, circles to good, then circles all the way back around to being bad.

Firstly, the plot. It starts out as your typical superhero story. Scientist has a problem, he studies some animal, turns himself into said animal. But, when he injects bat DNA he turns into a vampire. You know, science! And he does this in International Waters because reasons.

It goes a bit off the rails from there. He uses synthetic blood to keep from transforming, but it lasts for shorter and shorter periods of time. His best friend, who has the same disease, also wants the serum. Mobius says no because we need a villain in this movie. His friend takes it anyway, and they fight.

The plot is not great, and the dialogue makes it even worse. Lines like, “To a bat, it’s lethal. To a human, it’s deadly,” really do not help it go forward. Also, characters seem to forget things they

had just said in previous scenes. The action is not much better either. A lot of fast paced shots that really do not show the actual fighting, and the weird gas he seems to always have does not help either.

Although, the best part of the movie may just be the post credits scene. Not because it is good, because it is so bad, that it is hilarious. Tying into the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home makes sense. Unfortunately, the way they went about it is terrible. It ignores the rules set in that movie, all for some unwarranted fan service. The director even thought it was a good idea to spoil this scene to draw in hype for the movie. It did the complete opposite. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

The best part of this movie, really, is the memes. They are the main saving grace for this movie. Without them, this would just be another bad superhero movie. It is a really bad movie, but at least you can laugh about it afterwards.