No one left behind in ‘Seussical’ the Musical

A colorful production by the Fridley High School theater club and our own staff members, Helen and Marin Riddle.

A large group of peopl ein constumes on a stage

Fridley High School Theater

The cast of “Suessical” gathers for a photo after a recent performance.

We had the opportunity to watch two of our staff members, Helen and Marin Riddle perform at the Fridley High School musical, “Suessical.” Not to be biased, but they were the true stars of the show. Helen and Marin are both PSEO students from Fridley High School. They asked us to support their colorful musical in the world of Dr. Seuss, so we showed up. 

Two people in costumes stand on a stage
Mrs. Mayor, played by Marin Riddle, on stage with Ryken Farr. (Fridley High School Theater )

 The set was brimming with colors. Cast members dressed head to toe in monochromatic looks filled with textures from glitters to feathers.  You could easily spot the green bird named Gertrude, played by Helen, and Mrs. Mayor, played by Marin, with her flamboyant wig that could make anyone topple over. 

A person with a flowly dress on stage
Helen Riddle performs as Gertrude in “Suessical.” (Fridley High School Theater )

 Throughout the show we could hear the confident vocals and an orchestral pit that seamlessly followed the actors. Some vocals sounded too strong or too soft due to technical problems. Even so, we were able to enjoy the show. We sat in the first row of the balcony which was far from the stage. Despite the distance we were able to see the colorful costumes, hear the talent and even noticed some feathers floating around.  

Plotwise, the Cat in the Hat created chaos throughout the performance by utilizing water guns, dropping ping pong balls and bringing out a piano to “play.” What is a musical without dancing? The show included a variety of dancing from hip-hop to trampoline jumps and roller skating.  

This production was spectacular and full of great fun, too bad it is done. From pillowcase people to busting out dance moves the Fridley High School theatre club is always ready to groove with the Little Whos.  

A group of people, some in costume, pose for a photograph.
The Campus Eye staff members pose with each other. Some of us were in the musical. From left to right: Sara Ruiz Gonzalez, Sabrina Lor, Marin Riddle, Helen Riddle, and Kodie Maki.