Plenty to See this Weekend

“Good N Plenty” is a play that will make you laugh while addressing some tough issues. 

  Tirzah Wiebolt                                                                                                                                        Staff Writer 

The Theatre Department at Anoka-Ramsey is in the middle of their run of the fall play, “Good N Plenty.” Directed by Lisa Weaver, this play is a comedy that will make you laugh as well as think.  The story is loosely based on author Jeffrey Thatcher’s own experiences in a small town high school in the 70s.  

The play, set in a high school in 1976, is the story of Mr. Miller, played by Jim Belden, who attempts to change up the status quo after returning to teach at his alma mater. As the new social studies teacher, he attempts to teach his students about the court system with a game that includes everybody playing a role in the system as sellers, buyers, cops, and judges with the candy Good N Plenty as the contraband.  

The characters are unforgettably funny and the mayhem that ensues is fun to watch. The cast did a wonderful job and kept the audience laughing last weekend. The costumes, sets and lighting added to the performance and set the mood. 

 The play runs through this weekend at the Coon Rapids Performing Arts Center. Students are allowed two free tickets to see this thought provoking and funny show.