OPINION: Let’s not start World War 3, Vote Hillary


Hillary Clinton is more committed to helping the nation than Donald Trump

By Mai Vue

Contributing writer

I think the election this year is such a joke due to Donald Trump running for president. Does he not understand what kind of a responsibility it is to be the leader for the United States and to be able to have the authority to launch nuclear weapons? So whose hands would you trust to be in charge of this? Trump, who is against immigrants, wants to build a huge wall between the border of the United States and Mexico. Did I mention he belittles and is disrespectful to women also? He probably changed his mind on so many things now, and is still telling one lie after another.

My vote this election is going to be for Hillary Clinton. Studies have shown that women make better choices than men and they are always more considerate of others’ opinions. There has never been a female president and it would make history if she was the first female president. She supports LGBT rights, a stronger education system, a fair tax system, affordable health care, gun law prevention (with additional background checks), and job training programs. I would rather put my life in for a female president than having Trump make decisions that would create World War 3. I think she understands what people need more and is considering helping the nation.

I hear people plan on moving to Canada if Trump wins. Great way to cross the border and start a new life, if you can get a work visa in Canada. Plus, cost of living is a little more expensive there than here. Who would you vote for if there was a zombie apocalypse? Who would make a better leader? This is yours to judge, so go out and voice your vote. #mnvotes

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