What Is Windell & Wild? A Look at the Upcoming Stop-Motion Film by the Creator of Coraline


Kenzie Henrik, Contributing Writer

Director Henry Selick is back this year with a black-led comedy horror flick, titled Wendell & Wild 

Selick has most notably released James and the Giant Peach in 1996, followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Coraline in 2009. It’s safe to say that the famous stop-motion director holds many fan favorites under his belt. However, fans haven’t come by his content since 2009. 

This all changes on October 28th with the Netflix release of Windell & Wild. This film follows Kat- a green-haired orphan voiced by Lyric Ross. This rough-and-tumble teenager has just bitterly arrived at her new boarding school run by a demon-slaying nun, Sister Helley (Angela Basset), and the sleazy Father Bests (James Hong). It’s here that peculiar circumstances push Kat to join forces with her fellow outcast and partner in crime, Raul (Sam Zelaya).   

It just so happens that these odd circumstances are spawned by the ambiguous, yet conniving, demon brothers- Windell and Wild. These ghastly brothers find themselves entrapped at a lurid amusement park called the Scream Fair, and as Kat suffocates in her grief, will Windell and Wild be the ones she turns to? Or will she trust in the puzzling Sister Helley?  

Keegan-Michael Key will voice Wendell, and Wild will be voiced by Jordan Peele (producer for the film). For those who frequent the comedy world, this duo is formerly known as Key and Peele– before Peele branched off to do horror movie work with blockbusters such as Get Out, Us, and Nope 

Wendell & Wild currently holds a PG-13 rating and a modest run time of 105 minutes. Nonetheless, boiled down to its simplest form, Wendell & Wild is a macabre take on good versus evil. This animated film is going to be a fast-paced haunt fueled by combatant nuns, angsty teens, and the devilish underworld that may just be one huge metaphor for the grieving process.  

Don’t miss the whimsical story of Windell & Wild this October, and tread lightly, because as the official Netflix trailer hints…everyone has demons… and you need to be careful what you wish for.