Opinion: Are There Any Parking Lot Solutions?

Arriving to class on time after a long day of work is stressful. Having to find a place to park safely, within a miles walk, should not be a problem that students have to contend with. I have heard many students staff talk about the parking issue but I did not understand the complaints until this semester, when I decided to take a day class. After taking night classes and not having to deal with the congestion and distracted drivers, the thought of parking issues never arose. Now that I am available during the day I would have liked to attend day classes, unfortunately after my last daytime visit I think it is safer and less stressful taking evening classes due to the lower number of students.

The issue has been a problem for our school for a few years now and we have a few options. Many students and faculty do not see problem with the parking lots the way they are now, which is understandable. I believe that everyone should have some exercise, challenge, or adversity in their life, and not expect a front row parking space with only five other cars. On the other hand, the students here at ARCC are the customers and should have adequate safety on all campus property, whether it be driving through the parking lot or walking a long way to your car over poorly lit ice. One option would be to have mandatory staff and student attendance only for classes that are “labs” or class dates that require live attendance, such as crucial projects, exams, speeches, and finals. This would reduce the number of students on campus at any given time. The parking lot would be less congested with more focused drivers not fighting to leave. Another option would be to expand the parking lots or create new parking areas. Although this option would cost more money and may create driving and parking problems in the short term it will be beneficial for a growing school.

To find a resolution for the parking lot problem we have here at ARCC we must make a decision and consider our best options. I believe that the best options would be to increasing the lot and parking spaces, or reduce the presence of students and faculty. These options are feasible and should be considered by the persons who make these informed decisions.

– Zane Jorgens

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