Curbside Pickup Hits Anoka-Ramsey

Students are given three options to get textbooks this semester including the pandemic-friendly curbside pick-up.  


Anthony Erickson

Anoka-Ramsey bookstore employee Nicollette Setran gives student Isabel Ameli a box of textbooks at the curbside pick-up on the Coon Rapids campus, Aug. 27.

Evie Kastner and Ian McEachran

The COVID-19 epidemic is causing many changes in how classes are done at AnokaRamsey Community College, including getting students the resources they need to be successful. Students that need to retrieve required textbooks have three options this semester: 

  • Shipping the textbooks to their home 
  • Picking up the books at the campus bookstore  
  • Utilizing curbside pick-up on campus

Curbside pick-up is a now familiar service available at restaurants and grocery stores.  At Anoka-Ramsey, when you arrive at the parking lot, you are directed to a numbered parking spot. There are instructions to call a phone number to let the bookstore employee know you are there.  After a short wait, an employee brings out your books and you’re on your way.