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With an ever-growing fan base and some well deserved national recognition, City of the Weak are quickly becoming the next break out band with a catchy mix of alternative, hard rock, and pop-punk.

Stan Brouillard
Campus Eye Staff

In this current music scene where local bands are having a tough time getting there music out and making a name for themselves, one band has risen above the challenges with their heads held high.

City of the Weak is a five piece pop-punk/alternative/hard rock band from St. Paul that consists of vocalist Stef Huscka, guitarist [and former ARCC student] Brent Lindbland, guitarist Jackson Weyrauch, bassist Cody Hoffman, and drummer Ricky Parker.

City of the Weak’s sound can be described as very in your face with humble lyrics that aren’t afraid to talk about the big issues. Each song of their most current release, the White Fire Alarm EP, showcases the bands ability to adapt to change, from the heavy hitting opener “White Fire Alarm” that comes with in guitars blazing that has a Paramore-esque feel but much heavier, to the slower anthem “Better Than This” that really showcases Huscka’s softer side but still gives a bit of that hardcore edge that makes City of the Weak stand out from the rest.

WATCH: White Fire Alarm

When asked about what the bands overall message is Lindbland said “two of our members our vegetarians and our singer is big into animal rights, we also support gay marriage we have the song ‘The Difference Between You and Me’ which talks about it”.

The band has also been getting some attention throughout the country playing at some well known venues such as the Hard Rock Café in Memphis, Tenn., the former Station 4 in downtown St. Paul, and the The Rave in Milwaukee, Wis.

Their music has been featured in the Food Network hit reality show “Restaurant Impossible”, they have played as local support for bands such as August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, and another local heavyweight Children 18:3, they have even caught the attention of the Vans Warped Tour.

City of the Weak have all the right ingredients and national exposure coupled with extremely catchy and heavy songs to possibly become the next big thing from Minnesota. The band has just finished up recording their second EP, yet to be titled, with a release date yet to be determined.

MORE INFO: City of the Weak online and facebook

City of the Weak plays April 2nd at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis.