Anoka-Ramsey Wi-Fi Found to Actually Work!


ARCC students taking advantage of the good Wi-Fi- spot!

Anoka-Ramsey Wi-Fi Found to Actually Work!

 Students of Anoka-Ramsey have found a place on campus where the Wi-Fi works the fastest.

By: Chandra Rose (Danae Moksnes),Contributing Writer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


ARCC students taking advantage of the great Wi-Fi connection in B230

The Wi-Fi has been found to be strongest in classroom B230 on the Coon Rapids Campus. More students have gone to check out the classroom in the past week because of a rumor around campus. The rumor was confirmed by the Office of Information Technology, who stated that a new router was placed in the Business and Nursing bulge.

This constant flow of students moving to and from the ‘Hotspot Classroom’ has rendered the room unusable for regular classes.

“We’ve asked them to leave several times, but they seem like they can’t even hear us.” Professor Wendy Lutter, told The Stink Eye.

A survey was conducted where students expressed how they felt about the campus’ Wi-Fi. The survey found that 100% of Anoka-Ramsey students are unsatisfied with the school’s Wi-Fi signal. One student stated that the first level of the campus “Feels like you’re in Thai prison or something!” because of the poor signal.

Students have been seen texting and snapchatting each other while being in the same room. Numerous business students have taken the opportunity to sell and rent cellphone chargers, along with the seats next to electrical outlets.

“At first, we thought it was a sit-in protest to have better Wi-Fi on campus, but it turns out they simply just want to be on their devices” political science professor David Quincy stated.

The staggering statistics from the survey, along with these recent events have spurred conversation about getting more internet routers throughout the campus. Meanwhile, the school has relented to B230 becoming the ‘Hotspot Classroom’.