Local High School Students Deliver Exceptional Performance of Little Shop of Horrors


Characters Orin Scrivello D.D.S. and Seymour, played by friends Gabriel Maxwell and Andrew Pauly. Photo Credit: Jared Kendrick

Cambridge-Isanti High School pulls out all stops on most recent play production.  

By Jared Kendrick
Staff Writer

Cambridge-Isanti High School’s production of the musical Little Shop of Horrors was a high-energy treat to watch. The three performances produced by the high school from November 17 to 19 were jam-packed with both laughs and tension.   

Characters Audrey and Seymour, played by Annie Lind and Gabriel Maxwell. Photo Credit: Jared Kendrick

From the nerdy hesitation of Seymour to the crazed ramblings of the Dentist, the acting was phenomenal. The accents of each of the characters and the rough, urban set pieces really made it feel like the audience was transported back to the mid 1900s skidrow. The characters that really stuck out were Seymour Krelborn (Gabriel Maxwell), Audrey (Annie Lind), Orin Scrivello D.D.S. (Andrew Pauly) and Mushnik (Caleb Merwin). 

Characters Orin Scrivello D.D.S. and Seymour, played by friends Gabriel Maxwell and Andrew Pauly. Photo Credit: Jared Kendrick

Truly appreciating the accents and set pieces is only possible with an understanding of the plot. Based on the 1960 and 1986 dark comedy movies of the same name, the story revolves around a little flower shop in skidrow that is at risk of being shut down. One day, the nerdy assistant in the shop, Seymour Krelborn, obtains a curious plant that turns out to have a craving for human flesh and blood. This plant begins to attract customers and the shop begins to be

Audrey II, the infamous plant, in its biggest form! The set piece in the background is a glimpse at the high production value of the play. Photo Credit: Jared Kendrick

successful. Unfortunately, the plant only grows when fed blood and eventually human flesh. The tale follows Krelborn’s rise to fame as the plant grows bigger and bigger, but only at the cost of human lives. 

If you happened to miss this play, don’t worry! The school is also performing a competitive one act play, The Women of Lockerbie, in January. There is only one public performance for this play. However, the school is already in the works on their full-length play, The Miracle Worker, which is set to be performed next April.  There will be three performances for this play.  

All of the plays performed at CIHS are open to the community and are a great way to support the school. This is also a great way to support Anoka-Ramsey students, as many Cambridge-Isanti students become ARCC students, either through PSEO or after graduating from high school. For any more information on upcoming performances from the CIHS Theater, head over to their website.

The cast giving a final bow. Photo Credit: Jared Kendrick