OPINION: Lesser of Two Evils


Is there really a clear answer?

By MiKenzi Coons

Contributing Writer 

It’s the first time I can vote. By filling out a ballot I can put my voice into the chosen leader, I can make a difference in the world. I can help decide what the America will look like. The problem? Who would I rather have?

Hillary Clinton. The one who is pulling hard on the women card saying that our voices will always be heard yet she has silenced countless women who have been victims of her husband’s atrocious sexual abuse. If even one of the rumors, suspicions, or concerns surrounding her and her campaign is true she should probably be locked away forever, definitely not running for president.

Trump. The one who has gone bankrupt multiple times is running for president? I suppose we can’t go any further into debt than we already are but is it possible to bankrupt a country? We should probably check on that before we go further with this election. He says he wants to “Make America Great Again” yet he can’t seem to apologize or even acknowledge the hideous things he has said towards women, immigrants, black people, and if we’re being honest, any minority group. Does he really think the votes of white men are going to win him the election?

They both say they have bright plans for the future yet they both are hiding things from the public. Clinton and her illegally deleted emails and Trump with his tax returns. I honestly don’t trust either of them. Yet here we are, picking one of them for our president.

So. The question of the day. Which one is truly the lesser evil?

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